Hello everybody. My name is “Dave”

I don’t know whether i’m gay or straight. *gasp. This has proved quite difficult for me in my adult life. I’m 27 years old and am still unsure of my sexual identity *gasp. I wasn’t always like this. Growing up as a child I was sure I was straight. I used the word faggot.  I, by my teens (and still do) masturbated to straight and lesbian porn. But alas, when I was like 9 or 10 I experimented with a pal of mine who was probably two years older. We sort of humped our penises together in the pool. Later the next day or whatever, I licked his dick and he licked mine and holy shit, my dad pulled the cover off us. We were doing it in the den while my mom and dad were talking in the kitchen and about 15 feet away. Luckily we weren’t doing anything when my dad did that. I quickly told my dad we were “wrestling.” He had a skeptical look on his face. My brother also my have done a little anal or something on me when I was like 4 or something, he was six I guess. It was in the middle of the night in a hotel room while the fam was on vacation. I remember liking it. I was horny and just liked the sex, even if it happened to be my brother. I guess that sets the stage my confusion later on. Sort had a girlfriend in the 8th grade. I first fingered her pussy while pretending I was asleep and my buddy put my hand down her pants. I just couldn’t do it by myself at first. I didn’t have the confidence. Later I did though. I never had a girlfriend in highschool. I’m going to end here, i’m tired. To be continued . . .

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